Draft – Initiative “Powerhub Alps-Adria Region”


The Region Trento – Veneto – Emilia Romagna – Switzerland – Austria – Bavaria – Baden Württemberg can without any doubt be titled “Europe`s Powerhub”. To ensure the regions prosperity for years to come it is this initiative’s goal to connect scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs to define a common path for the future. The topics will be:

  • Employment & Labour Market
  • Energy
  • Research
  • Sustainability & Environment
  • Investments
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • And others

In the different parts of the region, in different business sectors, in different political systems we face different challenges. To tackle these challenges we must find unique answers to unique questions.

Structure of the Initiative
The Board consist of twelve members. Every country (IT-CH-AUT-GER) has three seats. The first Chairwoman and President of the Board will be Mrs. Elisabetta GARDINI MEP, the first board members will be appointed.
The secretariat general will be coordinating the Working Groups and the daily business of the initiative.
The Members will form Working Groups. The Working Groups shall operate independently.
The eupag (European Political Analysis Group) GmbH, that will operate the Executive Unit, will conduct daily business, set up a website, organise events, release newsletters and administer the initiative.
The General Assembly will elect the Board every 3 years by a simple majority. The first elections will be held after the first three years.
The initiative will hold conferences, release publications and develop a guideline for the region`s future. The EXPO Milano 2015 will be used to introduce the initiative and it`s Working Groups to the general public. From that point on the Working Groups will start their research and development progress. The funding of the initiative will be provided by SME Europe and eupag GmbH until the EXPO Milano 2015. After that point the Initiative will have to decide their financial structure and activities, so that all financial aspects of the Initiative will be secured for at least three years.

1. The first Board will be appointed at the «Conference The Future of Europe is Powerhub» on April 2014 in Padua.
2. Once the Board is complete, it will start to recruit Members. Membership is open to any person willing to contribute to the goals of the initiative. The Board will guide the process of forming Working Groups. It is the Board`s duty to ensure that the initiative operates under the principal of cost efficiency.


3. Under the patronage of the Italian Presidency of the European Council of the European Union a second Conference will be held in Brussels in November 2014 to present the Initiative to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Permanent Representations of the Member States.


4. At the start of the EXPO Milano 2015the Working Groups will be presented (May 2015) and will commence their work immediately.


5. Depending on the process made, first results may be presented at the end of the EXPO Milano 2015 at the end of October 2015.